A Felting Rockstar: TweeBears

That’s right! I’ve found the “smallest soft felted jointed teddy bears in the world” and they are AMAZING!!

These amazing mini cuddly toys are created by the needle felt artist TweeBears. My brain doesn’t comprehend how to needle felt wool this small!!

ooak miniature micro jointed teddy bear panda by tweebears d583d47 A Felting Rockstar: TweeBears

One of a kind tiny micro panda bear, pictured here sitting on a fingertip.
This teeny panda teddy is fully jointed and can be very gently posed.
I made this from needle felt and hand sewed its little facial features.
Twee Bears are the smallest soft felted jointed teddy bears in the world.

ooak extreme micro miniature tiny jointed bear by tweebears d56miyb A Felting Rockstar: TweeBears

Miniature jointed one of a kind bears micro ooak by tweebears.

Felting Rockstar: Robin Joy Andreae

I’d like to introduce one of the most kind-hearted Needle Felters out there: Robin Joy Andreae! I say kind-heated because she is always sharing info on animal rescues, human rights cases, & general education about repressed people & animals around the world…. (honestly… I feel bad that I’m not doing more to help many of the amazing causes she advocates for!)

il 570xN.314343614 Felting Rockstar: Robin Joy Andreae

But on to the fun stuff…. FELTING!!

YEA! Robin creates fabulous animal sculptures! They are so intricate & detailed, I can’t imagine how she makes them at such a small-scale too! She’s always got a new critter going up for sale & usually they are humorous & just right for the season!

IMG 2533 Felting Rockstar: Robin Joy Andreae


Etsy Shop

And I almost forgot… Robin was holding a give-away a few months back & I WON!! I won the perfect companion to go with s few of my needle felted sculpture…. KOKO the Clown Mouse! She is so beautiful!!

Clowns2 Felting Rockstar: Robin Joy Andreae

Needle Felted Art by Robin Joy Andreae.

Sculpting Rockstar: Chicken Lips Folk Art

OMG, I love Chicken Lips!

David Everett is an amazingly sculptor of all things Halloween-ie, folk-ie, quirk-ie, playful… “-ie.”?

il 570xN.178295508 Sculpting Rockstar: Chicken Lips Folk Art

I’ve been in love with a series of Halloween-themed Folk artists for a while. I came across Chicken Lips & immediately fell in love. David’s pieces incorporate everything I love in a “Creepy Cute” style.

il 570xN.432066247 1lpp Sculpting Rockstar: Chicken Lips Folk Art



8677757151 f4266087c2 Sculpting Rockstar: Chicken Lips Folk Art

Chicken Lips Folk Art by chickenlipsfolkart on Etsy.


Felting & Plush Rockstar: Violetpie

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE vintage dolls! And how awesome are Violetpie’s amazing needle felted & plush dolls?

il 570xN.342293533 Felting & Plush Rockstar: Violetpie

I grew up in a house where my parents collected cool antiques, so I’ve always been drawn to the 1930′s-1950′s era vintage collectibles. Violetpie has the perfect combination of retro-style & modern techniques! (many of her doll’s faces remind me of Cupie Dolls).

gbaby Felting & Plush Rockstar: Violetpie

You also gotta love the Creepy-Cute Blythe dolls. I’m not specifically a doll collector, but I like the wide-eyed creep-factor of these (surprisingly expensive) dolls. Violetpie’s needle felted sculptures & plush accessorize perfectly with your favorite Blythe!


8576305898 365872c841 Felting & Plush Rockstar: Violetpie

Violetpie Shop of Little Things by violetpi on Etsy.

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